Mecanum Wheel

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  • Mecanum Wheel .STL File in one ZIP
  • Total Print Volume: 66,899 mm³
  • Total 4 files for easy 3D printing
  • Cheapest and best

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3D Printable Mecanum Wheel .STL Files

This file contains all files required to 3D print your own Mecanum Wheel at home.

Total Printing Volume of all 4 Files: 66,899 mm³

This ZIP file contains 4 .STL files i.e.

  1. Mecanum Wheel Side 1
  2. Mecanum Wheel Side 2
  3. Roller
  4. Connector

All the accessories are distributed into the above-mentioned parts so that you can easily print any part at your home with your own DIY 3D printer of minimal size i.e. 220(mm)x220(mm)x250(mm).

To make your own homemade 3D printer at home see the blog below.

Homemade 3D Printer | Simple DIY Under $150

To watch the working and explanation of Mecnaum Wheels visit the YouTube Video below and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel.

All the files given are complete and have been tested.

The print volume of all files (approximately):-

  1. Wheel Connector

    • Volume: 2,981 mm³
    • Dimensions (LBH): 66 x 58 x 21 mm
  2. Roller

    • Volume: 7507 mm³
    • Dimensions (LBH): 16 x 16 x 44 mm
  3. Mecanum Wheel Side 1

    • Volume: 28,753 mm³
    • Dimensions (LBH): 111 x 111 x 24 mm
  4. Mecanum Wheel Side 2

    • Volume: 27,658 mm³
    • Dimensions (LBH): 111 x 111 x 24 mm

3d Printable Mecanum Wheels STL File



Type of File

With Essentials, Without Essentials

2 reviews for Mecanum Wheel

  1. Shanaya Singh

    Very simple and detailed .STL file, the file is complete with detailing. I was skeptical at first but after printing it I’m happy that I went through the purchase.

  2. Gaurav (verified owner)

    It’s a nice design. East to print at 0.2 mm layer height, but the rollers are slipping since it’s plastic. Deducting 1 star to improve the design.

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