The TheMechNinja platform uses the following licensing system while uploading and sharing files. In every instance, ownership and final authority remain with the original designer (in our case it is There are two types of licensing one is paid files and the other is for free files, both are explained below.

Paid Files

Standard Digital File License

(For Paid Files in The Product Page)

All the digital files sold on through the Products Page are strictly non-commercial, personal use license only. You are not allowed in any way to share, remix, sell, host, transfer or distribute the digital file, or the 3D printed version of the file, or any derivative work in digital or physical format (including – but not limited to – remixing of the file and hosting on any other platforms). The files may not be used in any way in which you charge money, fees, or any type of remuneration. The Standard Digital File License overrides any other licensing option on this page (in particular: no remixing and no commercial use is allowed)

Free Files


Respect Licenses when Downloading and Printing Files

We at TheMechNinja try to provide you new projects that aren’t available anywhere else. So, please respect the designers and licensing attached to the particular file.


Credit Designers When Sharing Any Type of Derivative Work

Our designers spend dozens sometimes 100’s of hours working on a design and then testing it so that you can get a perfect file without any errors. Please take some time to credit the original source (from where you have downloaded it), in your shared videos, blogs, and any type of work on their design.



Some of the files are allowed to be remixed while some are not. This is indicated in their respective pages. While remixing any file please credit the original source.


Commercial Use

All of the paid files are forbidden for commercial use while some free files are available. If you want to use them commercially you will need formal approval of TheMechNinja (Contact through Contact Us Page). Some free files are available for commercial use, the restricted ones are indicated on their respective pages.



All the designs are exclusively available on only as they are personally designed by our team. Please, do not upload the exclusive designs anywhere else without permission from us. If you notice any of our files hosted outside then please contact us, you will be compensated for the effort.

We try to keep licensing simple in case of paid and free files. If you have any type of question write to us on the contact us page, we will be more than happy to help you.

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