Arduino Wifi Car

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  • Arduino Wifi Car .STL Files
  • The bundle includes Mecanum Wheels STL File + Mobile App + Car Code all FREE!
  • Total Print Volume: 214,665 mm³ of 9 Files excluding Mecanum Wheels.
  • All parts are easily printable in a 220x220x220 3D printer.

License – TheMechNinja Paid Standard Digital File License

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3D Printable Arduino Wifi Car STL Files with Car Code and App Included FREE!

This downloadable product of Arduino Wifi Car contains all files required to 3D print your own Wifi Car at home with Free Code for the Car and App for your smartphone.

Arduino Wifi Car .STL Files Details-

Total Printing Volume of all 9 Files: 214,665 mm³

This ZIP file contains 9 .STL files i.e.

  1. Back B
  2. Back Support B
  3. Bottom cover G
  4. Front B
  5. Front grill G
  6. Front Support B
  7. Left body
  8. Right body
  9. Ultrasonic Sensor plate

All the accessories are distributed into the above-mentioned parts so that you can easily print any part at your home with your own DIY 3D printer of minimal size i.e. 220(mm)x220(mm)x250(mm).

To make your own homemade 3D printer at home see the blog below.


All the files given are complete and have been tested.

The print volume of all files (approximately):-

  1. Back B

    • Volume: 33,177 mm³
    • Dimensions (LBH): 76 x 148 x 75 mm
  2. Support B

    • Volume: 2,189 mm³
    • Dimensions (LBH): 8 x 106 x 13 mm
  3. Bottom Cover G

    • Volume: 1,681 mm³
    • Dimensions (LBH): 24 x 29 x 3 mm
  4. Front B

    • Volume: 42,238 mm³
    • Dimensions (LBH): 120 x 148 x 77 mm
  5. Font Grill G

    • Volume: 10,135 mm³
    • Dimensions (LBH): 6 x 79 x 38 mm
  6. Font Support B

    • Volume: 2,472 mm³
    • Dimensions (LBH): 8 x 116 x 18 mm
  7. Left Body

    • Volume: 57,606 mm³
    • Dimensions (LBH): 240 x 70 x 72 mm
  8. Right Body

    • Volume: 57,175 mm³
    • Dimensions (LBH): 240 x 70 x 72 mm
  9. Ultrasonic Sensor

    • Volume: 7,992 mm³
    • Dimensions (LBH): 6 x 79 x 38 mm


Wifi Car Code (Free)

Code is essential for maneuvering the wifi car. It gives multidirectional movement options i.e. forward-backward, left-right, and sideways with the help of Mecanum Wheels (Included FREE).

Code is in INO format and is 7.0KB.

Wifi Car Mobile App (Free)

The mobile app is used to control the Arduino wifi car and give directions and maintain the connection between the car and mobile. This file is also essential for the proper functioning of the car and thus included in the bundle for FREE.

Mobile App is in .APK format and is currently available for Android mobiles only.

Wifi Car Mecanum Wheels (Free)

Mecanum wheels allow transversal movement of the car. These are included free with the product and also can be downloaded separately through the following link.

Mecanum Wheel

Youtube Video on Arduino Wifi Car

To clear all your doubts we have made a youtube video explaining in detail every step and procedure.

In case of any doubt please reach us through the main or comments section in the blog, product, or youtube channel. We will be most happy to help you in any way.

Thank You.


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    Arduino Wifi CarArduino Wifi Car
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