Eryone Filament Review

Eryone Filament Review: The Best PLA Filament?

Many of you have asked us to give a review on Eryone PLA filament. So here we are with a Eryone filament review direct from our head mechanical engineer. Let’s first talk in short about Eryone.

Eryone is a new startup brand based on 3D printer filaments and accessories. They have a large list of filaments of different colors, strengthen, and materials. They have been in business since 2018. Let me tell you Eryone is currently only working on PLA, but they are going to expanding their line on a couple of things in the near future. I can’t wait to see what they will be offering.

How to find optimal temperature for my filament?

To find optimal temperature for your filament you should perform a Temperature tower test. This gives you the temperature at which you can get the best printing results.

Does Eryone provide glittery filaments?

Yes, Eryone does provide glitter filaments. Their premium filaments are best in type and don’t make your extruder clog.

Eryone Filament Review

First Impression

The very first thing that caught my attention on the spool was holes. This Eryone filament is wound very nicely and its spool is very consistent. By consistency, I mean thickness, color, and smoothness. On one side you will be able to see some, how much you have.

Eryone Filament Review
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On the other side, they have got these little tiny holes all along the edge and they are spaced pretty equally. So when you are not using your filament you can throw your filament through this little area right here and keep it neat and tidy. This way you can easily find the end of your PLA filament.

There also have various colors of filament The first and most wonderful colored filament is ‘glitter purple’ when this color is 3D printed it does give glitter on it. And the most important thing it did not clog my machine. The drawback is that it’s only a 500gm roll where generally spools come in 1 kg pack. Well, it’s not like you are going to use it for everyday prints, so I think 500 gms is enough glittery.

The second filament is ‘blue silk’ this is also an amazing filament. It prints amazing, it looks amazing, and most important this Eryone Filament didn’t cause any print failures till now.

Eryone Filament Review

Temperature Tower Test

Temperature Tower

We have performed a temperature tower test on the Marble filament of Eryone. The marble filament print that we have got down here started with the temperature at 240 down at the bottom and we will go all the way up to 190.

Right in the 205-210 ranges is where we found the best layer adhesion, best bridging, and have got the sharpest comers. We have got the best overhangs and everything. Because this is the premium filament you are going to print it a little hotter and it demands that you printed it a little hotter to get successful results.

The problem with other filaments I’ve normally faced is that they generally clog. But, with Eryone I’ve not faced that problem till now. If in future it get’s messy I’ll update this post.

Another important thing that I want to say is that for every new filament you should do the tower test. Doing tower test determines the sweet spot for your filament. It doesn’t matter if they are from same manufacturer, but they could have different optimal temperature for performance.

So, we are finding a common mistake here is that people are trying to print this too low. If you don’t do a temperature tower test with every new filament you are setting yourself up for failure. By ignoring tower test you start to blame everything, but the printer. The first thing most people go to, ‘oh it’s the filament’ and 9 times out of 10 it’s not the filament it’s the setting that you are using.

Eryone Filament Review

Benching Test

Eryone Filament Review

On performing the famous boat benching test we got some errors. We got errors like Salmon skin and some aberrations. But, I think that’s not the problem on the filament side. Because after fine-tuning our printer we started to get better results with the same filament.

We also printed some small figurines with pointy ends. They were not perfect but, they were above average. Trust me I’ve been working with 3D printers and filaments since 2015, and I know my judgment.

Eryone Filament Review

Printing Large Models

We 3D printed a Ducted Fan which had a total printing volume of 126,734 mm3. This fan is fully designed by our team and is available on both free and paid options. In the free option, our name will be engraved on the outer side of the product. You can always go for the paid version for only $5 price.

Ducted Fan

We were really impressed at how well it had printed. Although, we were expecting that some error will occur but, our printer and filament both worked nicely. We didn’t find any aberrations, unevenness, or any other issue.

The only minute problem found was on the lower side of print. The area which was attached with the bed. The lower area showed little bit of stringiness. This could have occurred because we haven’t provided any support, next time we will try printing with few supports.

Eryone Filament Review

Eryone Filament: Conclusion

So if you are looking to get some of this you can always find it on Amazon and on Eryone’s official website. It’s not too expensive and give a prime finish to our projects. All I can sayt is that if you want a prime finish and want it finished in lesser time than, you should definitely go with Eryone filament.

With this our Eryone filament review is over and we hope that you have found this post helpful. If you have any other experiences with Eryone filament or you want to ask any question then use the comment box below. Thank you.

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