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Best PLA Filament – The Best 8 in Market

Hey Guys, as we all know that there is a lot of variety of filaments available in the market used in 3D Printing. And if you have got a brand new 3D Printer for you, then you should know which are the best PLA filament respective to their prices, material properties, and safety. And today we are going to discuss some best filament available in the market.

Millions of people are using PLA filaments as they are the best Filaments in 3D Printing technology. As their stuff as their Prices, safety features, and material properties are all that good. Let us discuss some of the best PLA filaments in 2021. So keep reading without skipping as skipping might lead you to miss a lot.

Best PLA Filament

Key Specifications


The material of Printing Filament decides how the print result is going to be. Different Filaments have different materialistic properties. The PLA filaments are one of the best filaments available for 3D Printing.

Temperature Range

As there are various kinds of 3D printers available in varying shapes and sizes. Not all printers are capable of using all type of filaments. As printers has to keep their nozzle temperature sufficiently high so that the filament melts down and take shape of final products.

Compatibility with Printers

You should buy the 3D printing Filament which might be compatible with your printer as failing so might result in non satisfactory product result and even it might damage your printer.

Color Vibrance

Color vibrance is another major factor to be kept in mind. As the final product might require color variability, as well as sharpness or dullness in the product also comes from this property.

Best PLA Filament

List Of Best PLA Filament

Let’s have a quick look at the Polycarbonate filaments that are best in the market before discussing about them any further.

  1. Hatchbox
  2. Eryone
  3. Prusament
  4. Overture
  5. Amolen
  6. Sunlu
  7. Polymaker
  8. Proto Pasta

Best PLA Filament


Hatchbox PLA is one of the most popular PLA Filament in the Best PLA filament Genre. Its quality is quite good which is available at a really equitable price.

Additionally, Hatchbox is made of polymers and bioplastics. The material has a 0.05 mm tolerance which is quite consistent. Its color is vibrant. it is a flexible and strong Filament, with amazing detailed resolution. It comes with the fragrance of sweet pancake.


Best PLA Filament

Eryone PLA

Eryone PLA comes in a wide variety of colors. All filaments are made of organic material. It also provides many profligate blends like translucent, marble, silk, or multicolor.

This filament is available in 1.75 mm diameter, tolerance of 0.03 mm. It comes in 1 KG spools.

Eryone PLA Filament

Best PLA Filament


Prusamnet PLA is available in 1.75 mm diameter. it is available in many different and vigorous colors as well as a bit of glitter on them. Also, it has low Bending potential and comes with reasonable toughness.

Also, The mystic Green PLA filament has a special feature. It can change its color depending on the temperature of the nozzle and layer height.

Prusamnet PLA Filament
Prusamnet PLA Filament

Best PLA Filament


Overture PLA comes with 1.75 mm diameter. The Filament has a tolerance of 0.05 mm. It comes in wide variety of shades and colors. Overture also has a “”PLA PLUS”” with a toughness claimed to be 5 times tougher than the regular Overture PLA filaments.

Overture PLA Filament

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Best PLA Filament


PLA filaments offered through Amolen are of large variety and colors. Unique composites such as Thermochromic PLA, which has the capability to change colour as temperature changes. Have the ability of glowing in dark filaments.

It is available in a 1.75 mm diameter and with a tolerance of about ±0.03 mm. Also, it comes in 0.5 KG as well as 1 KG spools. The final product is quite smooth as the material has an excellent layer of adhesion.

Amolen PLA Filament

Best PLA Filament


Sunlu is famous name in PLA filament companies due to large variety of product quality materials provided by them.

They manufacture Standard PLA in a number of colors and Variants like Silk, Marble, et Cetra. As resultant, the Special PLA prints the resultant product in crisp detail, Vibrant color and almost no warping.

It has got about 0.02 mm tolerance and is available in 1.75 mm diameter. Spools are available in 1 Kg and 5 Kg bundles.


Best PLA Filament


PolyMaker is another name in PLA market which provides dozen of variety in colors. The Company offers two range of PLA filaments, named as, PolyLite PLA and PolyMax PLA.

According to brand, PolyMax has an impact resistance of about nine times more than that of PolyLite PLA. It is about 20% more resistance than ABS.

The Filaments are available in 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm diameters with a tolerance of 0.05 mm. It comes in 0.5 Kg, 1 Kg, as well as 2 Kg spools.


Best PLA Filament

Proto Pasta

Proto-Pasta offers some extraordinary filaments like Rustable Metal PLA, Stainless Steel PLA, or Composite Conductive PLA filament. The Composite conductive PLA actually works for circuits.

The Proto-Pasta also manufactures an HT-PLA that can be used as standard PLA for easy printing but can also be Heated for more strength and stability. This allows holding its shape at temperatures around 200 °C.

Proto Plasta

Best PLA Filament

Frequent Question & Answers:

What is the price range of these PLA Filaments?

All these filaments range depend upon the weight of the spool. However, a 1 Kg spool ranges between $ 40 to $100 depending on the product and brand you chose.

What is the temperature range for nozzle of this filaments?

Temperature ranges varies differently for different PLA filaments. However, This ranges lies between 180 – 230 degree Celcius.

Where can we buy this PLA Filaments?

These PLA Filaments are available at all leading online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

Can we use all this Filaments at same 3D printer?

No, All printers have got their own specifications according to which PLA filaments should be chosen.


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