Toybox 3D Printer Review: Build Your Own Miniatures

In the world of 3D Printing technology, Toybox 3D Printer has entered to make their own name. Though it is not the most sophisticated 3d printer, Toybox 3D printers do a good job of printing basic toys quickly and without much hassle. So, in this post, we are going to give a short and precise Toybox 3D Printer review.

As we all are aware of the fact, that 3D printers help make or build your stuff at home. That is what this Toybox 3D Printer does, but the best part is that Toybox does it quite precisely, simply, and quickly.

There are quite many more specifications, to be discussed in detail. We will approach all the topics STEP BY STEP. So keep scrolling without skipping, to meet all specifications about the all-new Toybox 3D Printer review.

Toybox 3D Printer Review


Toybox 3D printer review

Toybox is designed from the ground up for entertainment and ease of use. It enables kids to 3D print their own toys by providing an intuitive interface and a rich selection of high-quality toys and content. Giving children the ability to create their own toys on the fly enables them to create richer adventures and stories with their toys.

Toybox 3D Printers are easy to use and have many models ( like toys ) built in their software. So you just have to connect your Toybox Printer with their software, select the stuff you wanna print, and print it. Now let’s dive into the details of Toybox 3D Printers.

Toybox 3D Printer Review

Key Features

Supported OS’siOS, Android or any web browser
Print Volume7cm x 8cm x 9 cm
Print Speed60 mm/s
Print Resolution200 microns
Extruder4mm Smooth-Flow Extruder Head
Print BedEasy-Peel bed
Compatible SystemsSTL, OBJ, & gCode
Wi-Fi2.4GHz band
LCD ScreenTouch Screen
Dimensions7.4″ x 7.4″ x 9.05″
Weight3kg (6.6lbs)
Print MaterialsPLA non-toxic plastic

Toybox 3D Printer Review


The Toybox 3D printer is available in the market for few months. At the time of launch, it was priced approximately at $399. But nowadays, the price of the starter bundle costs $299 and is available on and Buying it and assembling is quite simple, you can start printing your 3D miniatures the day you get it delivered.

Toybox 3D Printer Review

Build Design

Being straightforward and speaking honestly, the Toybox 3D printer seems to be cute. It is a small-sized printer less than 8” wide and about 9” in height. Its frame is made of metal, leaving one side open to reveal the print head.

The detachable print bed is a magnetic sheet that acquires a firm hold on the base. After the printing is complete, it is easy to slide off the print bed and since the base is flexible, we can remove the stuff printed by bending the base by the time stuff lifts off.

As the print area of the Toybox is small (of about 3 inches on each side), they cannot produce larger stuff. As per the printer’s size, the toys that can be printed are either small or can be printed into pieces.

Toybox 3D Printer Review

Safety measures and Printing material

The Toybox printer is made up of metal and is partly enclosed for kids’ safety. It can be used to perform many bigger and larger models than those expected ones. It is completely designed to provide us ease in using the printer itself, the web software used to run it, or the application that lets us print and creates stuff straight from our compatible device.

Toybox’s main focus at the time of printer manufacturing must have been safety. As 3D printers use a very hot nozzle for the print head and accidentally touching it can be really dangerous. So closing the printer partly helps to keep little hands of kids away from many dangerous areas which can surely be harmful to them.

Even the material used for printing the stuff using this printer is non-toxic and biodegradable. It uses PLA plastic which is quite non-harmful as they are made from corn oil. However we can place orders for models from other importing platforms, and we can even use other 1.75mm PLA filaments.

However, PLA Printer Food Rolls are considerably the best PLA filament for Toybox, and the company is not even guaranteeing that Toybox won’t get harmed from those “nonpreferred” other PLA rolls.

Toybox 3D Printer Review

Controls and Print Process

There’s a built-in single small-sized LCD touch screen that shows the status of the printer printing the toys. It also provides a simple and easy interface for loading filament, setting up the printer, and configuring a few more basic settings. Some Other Controls are given only to the Printer.

The printer can establish its connection with an online service over Wi-Fi, so we will need to set up an account online to control our printer. The platform currently supports .STL, .OBJ, and .gCode file types.

Toybox 3D Printer Review

Print Speed and Quality

Printing time is totally and only dependent on the geometry of stuff or project or toy being printed. For example, a car model or a sword could take less than 5 minutes because it’s thin. While bigger models would take longer.

The architecture of a building could take up to 4 hours because it has a lot of different parts. Because of the small size of the print area of the Toybox, we might not be able to do our full-sized model printing. The printing area is of about a 7-inch-high print. Toybox prints maximum is of about a little more than 3 inches tall. However, we will definitely find that the Toybox is a fast printer.

The quality of print produced by Toybox is really really impressive as outputs are very fair and good print, and are really great from the perspective of a “Toy Printing” printer.

Toybox 3D Printer Review

Toybox FAQ

What are the age group to use Toybox 3D printer?

The company claims that anyone above the age of 5 years can use it very easily. But, in our experience sometimes it is so, but sometimes it is a hassle to print something from this printer.

What is the maximum build size for Toybox 3D printer?

The build volume of the Toybox 3D printer is quite less in comparison to its other competitors. It has a build volume of 7 cm in height, 8 cm in width, and 9 cm in depth. This building size is suitable for miniatures but, if you want to print something taller than 3 inches you have to break it down into pieces for printing.

Toybox 3D Printer Review

Final Thoughts

The final interpretation about Toybox 3D Printers is pretty much positive. It is a small, easy to use 3D printer in its segment .

The Creator Space is a suite of apps and tools that allow you to easily create your own inventions. You can also import models from the internet or even import models that you have created with a computer-aided design tool (CAD).

So, we might question whether this printer is going to replace those well-known and established big boys? Certainly NO. We must accept that the prints of the Toybox are quite impressive but not up to one of those produced by plastic blocks. In some cases, the print time is quite irritating.

Also for those big boys who really know that touching the nozzle might harm them and those who think beyond their dream, the Toybox can be over budget user-friendly 3D printers.

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